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Whether you’re actively planning your next escape to St. John or just escaping virtually for a few minutes on a busy day, thanks for visiting us. Stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you soon!

Coral Bay: We’re the “other” town on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands; the quirky, quite opposite of bustling Cruz Bay. Many of our residents are sailors who live on their boats in Coral Bay Harbor. Others are landlubbers, living high up on the hills overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the British Virgin Islands.

In between, there are quite a few donkeys, goats, roosters, and some mongoose who call Coral Bay home! (You’ll see them hanging out in the middle of our main road, so slow down to “island time” as you head into town!).

View of Coral Bay St John

Coral Bay has GREAT bars and restaurants, three grocery stores, and funky shops including Jolly Dog,   all catering to tourists and locals alike. (There’s no gas station, so you’ll want to fill up before you head our way.). You’ll know you’re in Coral Bay when you get to the spot we call The Triangle.

Welcome to Coral BayStill No Gas Station in Coral Bay
The new gas station on Centerline is open!

Look left and you’ll see the historic Moravian Church with its distinctive red roof would see had the hurricanes not taken it off.  Volunteers are hoping to get the roof back. Services are still being held on Sundays! Look right and you’ll see the bus stop, surrounded by tempting signs pointing to our wonderful attractions!

Moravian Church 2018

Moravian Church after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Moravian Church

Turn right and you’ll be heading through the driest part of the island, towards the beautiful Salt Pond (a great place to snorkel) and dramatic Ram’s Head (famous for magical, full-moon-night hikes). On the way, you can pick up your snorkel gear at Crabby’s Watersports (he’s actually quite friendly), shop for groceries at the Coccoloba “mall,” sample local dishes at the food carts or another option dine at our many restaurants.

Coccoloba has a grocery store, Aqua Bistro Restaurant.  Remember Voyages? Now called Isola Shoppes and where you can find Jolly Dog there along with the new restaurant in Coral Bay, The Danforth.

Stay straight at The Triangle and you’ll take a roller coaster drive through St. John’s East End, enjoying spectacular vistas of the surrounding islands and Hurricane Hole, one of the best-protected harbors in the Caribbean. In addition, you can shop for souvenirs and much more at Mumbo Jumbo, and check out the work of local artists at Sloop Jones out on East End.

Connections East mail center can mail your postcards, hook you up to the internet, and mail all your presents home. Boaters can find all of their needs at Coral Bay Marine, serving sailors and power boaters since 1984.  And of course, there’s Coral Bay’s unofficial town hall, the legendary Skinny Legs, a classic burger joint and bar with excellent food. (Same Day Service guaranteed… the local gossip is free!).

Looking for your own little piece of Paradise.
Check out Property for Sale.

Mike Stiles Painting

Coral Bay was the center of St. John’s plantation life in the early 18th century. For the best information on the history of St. John, visit the St John Historical Society. For what’s happening here these days, check out the Coral Bay Community Council and see all they do for Coral Bay.

Coral Bay CorralCarolina Corral

Sunrise in Coral Bay

Experience Sunrise in Coral Bay!

One of the best things about Coral Bay is how we take care of each other.
Come to visit… You’ll see!