Coral Bay Beaches

Beaches on the Coral Bay Side of St John

Beaches on the Coral Bay side of St John are the place to be when the swell on the North Shore is up and you are looking for great places to snorkel.  Salt Pond beach, Lameshur beach, and Hansen Bay are our sandy beaches.  Although Coral Bay isn’t that far from the turnoff to the North Shore beaches it is worth checking out what our beaches have to offer.

Salt Pond BeachSalt Pond Beach

Looking for calm water on days when the surf is breaking on the north shore? Salt Pond Bay beach is a long beautiful white sand beach located on route 107. Turn right at the Coral Bay signs and head south for 3.9 miles. The quarter-mile Salt Pond Bay Trail to the beach begins at the parking area.

The Salt PondThe Salt Pond


At the end of the beach is a trail to Drunk Bay, past the actual salt pond.

Drunk Bay Beach

Drunk Bay

Take the trail up from Salt Pond Beach and experience Rams Head.

Grootpan Bay

Grootpan Bay

Kiddel Bay’s neighbor Grootpan Bay, is a cobble beach and calm water on winter days.

Kiddel Bay

Kiddel Bay is on the South Shore located just west of Salt Pond Bay.

Beach at Lameshur BayLameshur Bay

Lameshur is past Salt Pond,  and a hard drive involving a difficult and steep section of road, but unlike Salt Pond, the beach is conveniently located right next to the parking area.

Looking into Hurricane Hole